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Paul Eliara's song lyrics as a human message to humanity are well known: "When guys all over the world would want to be sailors,
they would with their boats built a unique bridge of peace and love among States and nations".

introduction the author

I've always been curious in relation to sailing ships and its appearance at sea causes my admiration because they always seem so mysterious to me. What did look like the layout inside “Couronne” sailing ship of Louis XIV, since he was well known as a lover of luxury; or what was the behavior of a merchant ship of the German Hansa while sailing at sea; or why “Bounty” such a beautiful sailing ship was on fire; or how many battles survived the pirate ship “Black Falcon”; or what type of masters and at the same time as carpenters and connoisseurs of the sea have lived in the Dubrovnik Republic because they managed to make perfections such as Dubrovnik Karaka and Nava ships.

What it was like to sail in the American sailing ship "Constitution"; or how much Columbus loved his sailboat "Santa Maria"; or in the end, how many sailors were trained to sail on the training sailing ship "Jadran”;… I have such questions in my subconscious since the seventies of the last century. I was born on a beautiful river Una. Since my childhood days, I had a boat. I've always loved the smell of wood and when I chose a hobby, my choice was ship modeling. Today I have about thirty original sketches of sailing ships from England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Croatia and Dubrovnik Republic.

I’m making ship models for forty years already. There’s about one hundred ship models made in my workshop. During manufacturing of my ship models I’m very exclusively based on some criteria. For example, I’m always trying to keep a natural look and avoid colours. At the same time I’m very disciplined while I make parts of sailing ships which are identical to and in accordance with original sketches. The most important thing is that all parts are hand-made only of a pure natural wood.

These parts of wood are anchors, steering wheels, cannon tubes, muse-protective characters sailing ships, ornaments, lanterns… All these sailing ship models were made of wood from the region where I live. Making these sailing ship models I use a variety of trees such as beech, oak, chestnut, walnut, linden, cherry, ... At the end, I started to create sailing ship models out of curiosity, but today I’m doing that with a great love and making each new model that love is much stronger.

Husein Dupanović - Shipmodelar